Aviation law is the branch of national and international law, which regulates issues related to air space, its application in the field of flight, air travel, and associated legal and business concerns.
The participants of legal relations in the field of international aviation law are the air carriers, passengers, state authorities of the Republic of Moldova and other states.
The main legislative acts governing the field of aviation law of Moldova are the Law on civil aviation, adopted in 1997, as well as a series of international conventions, among which are the Warsaw Convention of 1929, the Tokyo Convention of 1963, the Chicago Convention of 1944, etc.
Our office can provide you a variety of services in this area, including:
• legal assistance on registration of the aircraft;
• legal support for the performing of different types of flights: special, charter, additional, technical;
• legal assistance in obtaining of necessary documents for performing of flights;
• drafting of the service contracts for the carriage of passengers and cargo, for lease, dry lease, wet lease, damp lease;
• legal assistance in resolving disputes on compensation of damage caused by air carrier;
• legal support at acquisition and leasing of aircrafts;
• consultations on various legal aspects of the airline company activity;
• counseling in various air transportation issues;