Understanding the importance of competitive advantage for business success, we assist our clients in achieving their objectives by ensuring a faultless observance of the legislation.

For customers who are confronted with issues of competition law relating to mergers and acquisitions, signing of various commercial agreements, as well as associated with abuse of dominant position, we offer the best solutions and effective economic strategies in accordance with the competition laws of the Republic of Moldova.

We have professional experience in all areas affecting competition law, which allows us to provide advice on competition law in various industries, including insurance, banking, energy, transport, FMCG, media and telecommunications.

We watch carefully the changes in legislation and its practical application in those areas and inform our customers regarding the new requirements and initiatives of the authorities with competence in the field, which would have significant impact on their business.

In process of solving the tasks entrusted by our customers we use extensive knowledge of legislative base, along with a clear understanding of business practice standards and professional skills in negotiation and dispute resolution.