Debt recovery contributes to the financial health of the company.
Furtuna & Associates has developed its own technique ensuring an optimal recovery of debts at a convenient for client cost. We emphasize amiable recovery in these types of disputes. Moreover, Furtuna & Associates works in close collaboration with the client and all the actors of the debt recovery proceedings, including bailiffs.
A thorough knowledge of proceedings, such as seizure for security, allows the preservation of the interests of the clients against the fraudulent representations of refractory debtors. It also contributes to avoiding the debtor’s insolvency as much as possible.
We pay close attention to the financial return of our interventions. In case of judicial proceedings, we ensure that all the legal means accelerating the process are explored.
Various methods of invoicing are possible depending on the amount of the claim, the volume of the debt and the importance of the dispute.

We provide legal assistance and representation in matters of:

• civil and commercial debt collections;
• notifications and requests for debt collections;
• mandatory (simplified) procedure for recovery of money or property from the debtor;
• litigation for debt collection;
• other necessary actions.