Issues about defending intellectual property are some of the most important at every stage of the development of a business. It is intellectual property that defines the recognisability of a brand and the attractiveness of a company to consumers and potential investors.  Furtuna & Associates offer consulting services, and assistance in the registration, protection and defense of all types of intellectual property.

The services we offer relate to:

• consultation, and determination of customer needs and priorities for protection of copyright and related rights,
• obtaining and protection of industrial property rights in the Republic of Moldova,
• development of author contracts on property rights transfer (audio or video printed works, written works, image works, space-volumetric, etc.)
• development of author contracts on related rights transfer (rights of Performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations),
• expertise of copyright contracts,
• documentation research,
• representation of individuals and legal entities before the State Intellectual Property Agency and other institutions for obtaining, defending and promoting intellectual property rights,
• protection of industrial property rights in the courts,
• any other activities related to intellectual property rights.