camera licentiereIn case when the newly created company, plans to carry out activities that require licensing, after the company’s registration at the Chamber of of registration, it is required to obtain license for the appropriate activity.

The license is an official document, issued by the licensing authority, certifying the right of licensee to carry out, a activity specified in it, for a certain period, with a mandatory compliance of license conditions.

In the Republic of Moldova are entitled to licensing certain activities, the following state authorities:
a) The Licensing Chamber;
b) The National Bank of Moldova;
c) The National Commission of Financial Market;
d) The National Agency for Energy Regulation;
e) The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technologies;
f) The Audiovisual Coordinating Council.
g) Local public administration authorities, the authorized body of Executive Committee of Gagauzia;
h) The central public administration authorities;

In Republic of Moldova licensing is required for the following activities:
1) auditing;
2) real estate assessment and/or commodity examination;
3) stock exchange activity;
4) insurances (reinsurance); management of non-governmental pension funds;
5) activities of savings and loan associations of citizens;
6) activities related to precious metals and precious stones; pawnshop activities;
7) gambling: lottery organization and carrying out, casino keeping, exploitation of gambling machines, sports betting;
8 ) import and wholesale of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages and beer;
9) production and/or storage, wholesale of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages and beer;
10) import and wholesale of tobacco products; import and industrial processing of tobacco and/or wholesale of fermented tobacco;
11) design of fruit and berry crops and vineyards, production and (or) the sale of seeds, seedlings and seed material;
12) production, storage and sale of pedigree of biological material (animals, semen, embryos, spawn and fish larvae, eggs, poultry, and eggs of the silkworm), reproduction predestined;
13) veterinary pharmaceutics and/or veterinary assistance (except for the activity carried out by the state veterinary service);
14) import and/or sale of phitosanitary and fertilizing products;
15) passenger road transportation, international road transportation of goods;
16) design works for all types of construction, for planning and (or) engineering, reconstruction and restoration;
17) construction of buildings and (or) engineering installation and public utility networks, reconstruction, consolidation, restoration;
18) extraction of mineral deposits and/or production and bottling of mineral and natural drinking water;
19) drilling works (except for technical prospects in construction);
20) topographic-geodesic and cartographic activities;
21) collection, storage, processing, sale and export of remains and wastes of iron and non-iron metals, export of used accumulator batteries, including those processed;
22) activities related to import, export, use, transport, maintenance and storage of ionizing radiation sources and radioactive materials (including radioactive waste) and the measurements of ionizing radiation fields;
23) import and/or production, deposit, wholesale of toxic chemical substances and materials, household chemical items and products; production, import and/or export, re-export of substances that destroy the ozone layer, as well as equipments and products that contain the same substances;
24) seal making and liquidation;
25) private detective or security activity;
26) mounting and/or tuning, technical assistance of automated signalization and fire fighting systems, as well as smoke-proof and fire alarm systems;
27) import and/or export, sale of arms and ammunitions, reparation of organic, sports and/or hunting, shooting range, training, decoration, collection and self-defense arms;
28) import, deposit and/or use of explosive materials (including pyrotechnical materials), performance of dynamite works;
29) import, export, development, production and sale of cryptographic and technical means of information protection, special technical means to obtain secret information; rendering services in cryptographic and technical protection of information (except for the activities carried out by public authorities vested with this right by the law);
30) activity of insolvency administrator;
31) pharmaceutics activity, including the use of narcotic and/or psychotropic medicines, carried out by pharmaceutical companies and/or institutions; import and/or production of perfume and cosmetic items;
32) production, sale, technical assistance, repairs and verification of medical technical and optical items;
32) fabricarea, comercializarea, asistenţa tehnică, repararea şi verificarea articolelor de tehnică şi optică medicală;
33) providing health care by private medical and sanitary institutions;
34) activities in genetics, microbiology and activities included in classes III and IV of risk conducted with genetically modified organisms;
35) activity related to employment of nationals within the country and/or abroad;
36) tourism;
37) activities of private educational institutions of all levels, stages and forms of training;
38) activity of financial institutions and exchange units;
39) activities of professional participants of securities market;
40) import and (or) wholesale or retail of petrol, diesel and liquefied gas;
41) production and (or) supply, transportation, distribution of electricity;
42) supply and (or) transport, distribution of natural gas;
43) provision of local and (or) intercity and international fixed telephone services;
44) provision of cellular and (or) satellite mobile telephone services;
45) provision of services in the field of computer science;
46) construction and (or) maintenance, operation and creation of radio or television stations, cable networks;
47) activities in the field of television and radio broadcasting;
48) retail sale of alcoholic beverages;
49) retail sale of tobacco products;
50) cereal deposit with issue of cereal deposit certificates;

The above is intended to provide a brief guide only. It is essential that appropriate professional advice is obtained. Our office will be glad to assist you in this respect. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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