Maritime law is a comprehensive legal institution, which includes a large number of various institutions – from the transition of ownership rights to sea-going vessels and ending with employment of officers and crewmembers.
Large amounts of transactions and necessity of consideration of many factors makes qualified legal assistance an integral part of maritime business.
This aid includes not only the drafting of contracts, registration of ships under the flag of the Republic of Moldova, but also many other related operations.
A distinctive feature of maritime business is also using a large number of documents that have important commercial and legal significance. Improper use of these documents can lead to heavy losses both of the ship owner and the cargo owner.
The correct execution and timely registration of mortgage of vessels as one of driving financial forces of shipping business have a great importance, as well as the correct execution of relations ship owner and the crew.
We have considerable experience in this area and offer legal services on the following aspects:

Registration of vessels;
Legal supporting of mortgages of vessels;
Representation before the court in cases of property disputes, relating to merchant shipping;
Sea accidents;
Arrests/release of vessels;
Legal assistance in field of labor relations on the ship;
General consulting on the issues of Maritime Law.

Our company are authorized agent of the public institution “Harbor Master Giurgiuleşti ” which is State authority empowered  to register vessels in the Ship Register of the Republic of Moldova and exercises state supervision over the safety of navigation and law enforcement in the field of water transport.
Also, in order to provide a wider range of services in maritime law, we are closely cooperating with many foreign companies specializing in this field. More details about this partnership you can find out by visiting the section Our partners.