Marriage registration is the procedure of drawing on the marriage act by the civil status body, basis on marriage declaration, respecting the conditions and terms settled by the legislature.
Thus, the marriage is a free union consented between a man and a woman, contracted according to law in order to start a family and governed by mandatory rules of law.
The principal law governing marriage in Moldova is the Family Code of Republic of Moldova effective as of 26 October, 2000.

Marriageable age.

Moldovan legislation stipulates that the minimum marriage age is 18 years, but for solid reasons, marriage may be approved with the reduction of the marriage age, but not more than two years.

The consent.

For conclusion of the marriage is necessary mutually, uncorrupted, expressed personally and unconditionally consent of the men and women who marry.

Health status.

Persons who wish to marry are obliged to inform each other about their health status, they are also subject to a compulsory medical examination free of charge. 

Impediments to marriage.

  • Marriage is not allowed between:
  • persons of which at least one is already married;
  • relatives in a straight line until the fourth grade, including brothers and sisters, including those who have a common parent;
  • an adopter and an adopted child;
  • an adopted and relatives of the adopter in a straight line up to the Second degree, inclusive;
  • curator and minor person under its curatorship, during the curatorship;
  • persons of which at least one was deprived of legal capacity;;
  • people sentenced to imprisonment in the period when both serving their sentence;
  • persons of the same sex.

Application of the rules of family law regarding to foreign citizens and stateless persons.

In field of family relationships, foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in Moldova, have the same rights and obligations as the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

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