The reasons for opening a foreign bank account.
Any person may have a personal reason for opening an foreign bank account. Someone just wants to keep their savings in a more reliable than most of the local banks place, the other intend to invest in securities of foreign companies,the third will have a long business trip or will study abroad.

What is the difference between an offshore bank account and an usual foreign bank account?
An offshore bank account – it’s the same account as the account in any other foreign bank and its functionality it is no different from the usual account. The main difference that makes an offshore bank account attractive for the customer is increased level of confidentiality. Of course, we can not talk about the complete confidentiality of any data, but there are a number of banks, where the procedure of getting information from them is a difficult task for illegally operating persons.
Actually, such kind of the banks are most popular among customers who want to protect themselves from excessive attention.
Usually such banks are called “offshore”, although the use of this term not always correspond to the essence of the word “offshore”, because “offshore banks” are called both the banks registered in the classic offshore jurisdictions as well as banks of different countries, which are famous for for their reliability and confidentiality.

Our proposal for opening foreign bank accounts.
We offer to our clients the opportunity to open accounts in foreign banks. Before you open a bank account, you should clearly define the purpose of the account opening – whether it is for cash-settlement services for business enterprises, the preservation of the previously accumulated funds by investing in banking products, low risk securities, etc. When choosing the bank you should balance between privacy and the possibility of a trusted account management, reliability and reputation of the bank and its attitude to the source of your capital and the country of registration of your company.

Most offshore bank account jurisdictions have strict confidentiality rules and regulations in place that help to ensure that the identities and transactions of investors and depositors are safe from the casual probe or prying eyes. While this confidentiality is almost legendary, it is not possible to guarantee absolute privacy and anonymity. All financial institutions the world over have an implicit legal obligation to report and comply with investigations into suspected serious criminal activity. This, of course, includes terrorism (a more recent phenomenon), money laundering, or the fruits of the illicit drug trade.
However, in the vast majority of instances where there is no compelling criminal accusation, depositor information is guarded in a jealous fashion. These Offshore banking account institutions are designed to provide the utmost in confidentiality, and serve to judiciously protect and safeguard depositor information.

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