Our company have a great experience in legal practice of representing the interests of our clients in corporate, customs, tax, hereditary and housing disputes and pre-trial settlement of arguments.
We provide professional legal advice to private individuals and organizations based on individual consultation, also we provide attorney services and legal protection in all areas of law, or on terms of subscriber’s service after signing the contract.

• preparation and expertise of legal documents;
• commercial contracts and investment projects support;
• representation of the interests of organization in government offices;
• settlement of customs, tax and corporate disputes;
• representation of the company’s interests abroad;
• participation in arbitration courts and courts of law;
• protection of the customer’s interests and rights;
• legal advice for civil and criminal charges.

• pre-trial settlement of disputes;
• carrying the civil and criminal cases;
• enforcement of court decision: institution, time frames, stages, order and termination;
• divorce and severance;
• termination of contracts;
• establishment of juridical facts;
• support of real estate deals, ownership right registration;
• legal documents expertise and preparation of legal documents;
• settlement of hereditary, family, housing, land, insurance, tax and labor disputes;
• representation of the private individuals interests abroad.