Fees are determined freely, between company and you, and are included in the contract at its conclusion, before the start of assistance and / or your representation before the state authorities or other persons (juridical or physical).
Fees will be determined depending on:

• difficulty, or duration of the case;
• the time and volume of work required to execute received mandate or activities solicited by the client;
• the type , novelty and the difficulty of the case;
• time constraints imposed by the circumstances of the case;

In establishing the fees will be taken into account, besides the above enumerated principles, the possibility of applying methods of payment of fees in various aspects such as:

• hourly fees;
• fixed fees (flat rate);
• success fees;
• fees consist of a combination of criteria 1), 2) and 3);
• subscription-type fee.

Hourly fees are set per hour of work, and are estimated in a fixed amount of currency units for each hour of professional services provided in a customer’s favor.
Fixed fee (flat rate) consists in a fixed amount for an single professional service or a category of professional services that we provide.